4 Ways Your Child Can Succeed with the Help of Your Parental Support

4 Ways Your Child Can Succeed with the Help of Your Parental SupportAs a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. As they venture into the world of education, it is up to you to give them as much support as possible to succeed. When you are involved with their schooling, children tend to do better and associate school with better feelings. There are many ways to be active in your child’s educational life both in school and out of school.

Here at BriteMinds, our Parent Support program explores the many different ways you can be involved with your child’s learning. It offers strategies to validate the child’s curiosity, provides feedback to enhance the child’s motivation, and encourages parents to help their child explore and discover how their mind works through these activities.

There are numerous ways you can be an active parent when it comes to your child’s education. Contact us today at (310) 541-2005 to schedule an appointment and discover how you can be a pivotal role in the education of your kid. You can also  Here at BriteMinds.

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  1. Convey a Positive Attitude About Education
  2. Whether we like to admit it or not, children tend to pick up certain attitudes from their parents. If a father consistently says “ew” to vegetables, chances are the child will say the same thing. Having a positive attitude towards something as critical as education can convey a sense of importance to the child. When a positive attitude is attributed to something, they are more likely to try to succeed.

  3. Encourage a Consistent Reading Schedule
  4. Reading is arguably the best skill a child can learn as it applies to all aspects in school and life. Every subject will require comprehension skills to grasp an understanding of the material. Getting your child started as soon as possible will only nourish that skill. A fun way to encourage reading is to make it a tradition. For example, you can read a chapter or two with your child before bed every night. Not only will it help with reading skills, but it will also be a good bonding experience.

  5. Limit Screen Time
  6. Having unmonitored screen time as a child can increase the likelihood of being easily distracted. Kids often spend more time playing games on their phones than doing their homework. Instead, use it as an incentive. Once the day’s homework assignments are complete, then they can be rewarded with some screen time.

  7. Take a Moment to Sit and Talk with Your Child
  8. When you sit and talk with your child, you can get a sense of where they stand with certain subjects. Once you do so, you can make appropriate changes to help them if need be. It can also help them develop their language skills by answering questions and maintaining concentration on the conversation.

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