Best Tutors Near Me in Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Best Tutors Near Me in Rolling Hills Estates, CAFinding the right tutor can literally change your child’s life –– no more worrying about tests or homework or college applications. But where can you find such a lifesaver, right? Well, if you’re in the Rolling Hills Estates area, we know just the place for you. Keep on reading to discover why BriteMinds offers the best team of tutors ready to serve you and your family.

Skills development

Here at BriteMinds, we work with your child not just to complete their homework but to teach them valuable skills they can practice for their entire lives. For example, there are two main executive functioning skills we emphasize.

One of them is time management, where we teach students how to use their time efficiently so that they can accomplish more while spending less time. As you probably already know, sometimes kids struggle with homework not because it is difficult but because they don’t manage their time well –– maybe they play too many video games, or maybe they take study breaks that last too long. Once we teach them how to budget their time better, most of our students report still having plenty of leisure time.

We also emphasize persistent focus, which is exactly what it sounds like. One way we teach students how to keep better focus is by having them use a planner –– either electronic or in paper form –– so that they stay up to date with important deadlines and assignments.

More on sustained attention

We like to say that sustained attention is a mental muscle every student should develop. We help our students foster that kind of attention in multiple ways.

For example, during their BriteMinds lesson, your child will learn how to be proactive and take initiative to start assignments early. We also teach students about metacognition and the importance of taking a step back and self-monitoring to learn from mistakes and readjust as needed. As you can see, these skills are very transferable and can be easily applied outside of school.

Our subjects

Now that you know some holistic facts about our process, you are probably wondering what subjects we cover. The short answer is that as long as it is taught in school, we likely have a tutor available to help!

Our team of dedicated tutors can help your child across most school subjects, including in the social sciences, mathematics, and the like. Our curriculum is custom-made for everyone ranging from pre-K all the way to college.

Why BriteMinds

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we are some of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy tutors in the Rolling Hills Estates area. Make sure to see for yourself and check out our testimonials — we will be waiting for your call: (310) 541-2005.

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