Tutoring after the Pandemic in Palos Verdes, CA

Tutoring after the Pandemic in Palos Verdes, CAAccording to a recent study, the COVID-19 pandemic erased two decades of progress in math and reading among our nation’s young students –– the very future of the same country. Now more than ever, entrusting your child with a capable tutor is of upmost importance, and our team here at BriteMinds is ready to help. Let us tell you about our services and what makes us the perfect fit.

The many benefits of tutoring

Many of our students are blessed with amazing teachers –– but, realistically, our state’s teachers are stretched thin. Our students often don’t get the individualized attention they need, making them fall behind. And that’s when tutoring comes in. Our team of experts can work with your child to develop a particularized curriculum that fits like a glove. Your child will have our undivided attention and we will come up with benchmarks to help us reach goals that move us forward.

In addition, tutoring can help with your child’s personal development, particularly when it comes to self-confidence. Think about it: when a child struggles academically, they often internalize their academic shortcomings and feel insecure about themselves. Helping your child exceed academically also helps them move through the world in a self-assured, confident way that can make their lives better.

New ways to learn after the pandemic

After two years of virtual learning, there are many lessons to learn from. Let’s revisit some of them.

One of the things we learned is that online learning is definitely not for everyone, but it can be used to complement in-person teaching. New technologies, for example, can help our students learn through informative videos, engaging games, brain-stimulating exercises, creative puzzles, animated science, and much more.

We also learned that computerized resources are helpful when explaining complex topics, especially for our visual learners. These resources can be very engaging and facilitate absorption and retention of key concepts.

Here at BriteMinds, our students are introduced online resources in a patient and creative manner. Once students are familiar with these resources and can navigate on their own, online learning will motivate their performance and allow for a positive, stress-free learning experience.

Next steps

Students have some catching up to do –– and we are happy to do the heavy lifting. Our team of trusted tutors is available to help families in Palos Verdes, California, for affordable rates and accommodating schedules. Give us a call today: (310) 541-2005.

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