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Tutors for easily-distracted students in Los AngelesKids these days seriously struggle paying attention. Maybe it’s the apps on their phones, or maybe it’s the shows they watch. But there is no denying that staying on task is a serious challenge facing our students. Here at BriteMinds, our tutors will guide your children beyond tutoring. We won’t just help them complete their homework or ace their exams –– we will teach them life-long skills they will apply long after they enroll in our programs. Let us tell you about sustained attention and how we help students get there.

What is sustained attention?

Sustained attention is exactly what it sounds like: paying attention for extended periods of time. But it is also more than that. Sustained attention is a child’s ability to continuously pay attention to a task or activity without being distracted. Without this skill, a student might struggle completing their homework and other school assignments due to being easily bored or distracted.

Sustained attention is a skillset that we try to instill here at BriteMinds. We do so by cultivating the following habits.

Teaching sustained attention

One of the ways we promote sustained attention by teaching our students how to plan and prioritize. We stress the importance of creating and following a roadmap that determines the order in which tasks should be completed.

We also emphasize the importance of organization. Our students learn learn how to keep track of information and materials –– no more forgetting their homework at home or keeping messy backpacks!

Goal-directed persistence is another one of our core values. We encourage our students to think of a goal, execute completion of said goal, and not be pulled away by distractions such as phone notifications.

We also teach response inhibition and emotional control, two closely-related skills. Response inhibition refers to the capacity to resist the urge to say or do something without thinking. Emotional control is the ability to control emotional responses such as frustration or boredom.

As you can see, some of these skills are easily transferrable to other parts of life, and you as a parent will be very happy about some of the things your student will learn with our method!

What’s next?

If you think our services are a good match for your family, please get in touch soon so that we can create a customized plan that works for your student’s needs. Located in Rolling Hills Estates, we work with families all over Los Angeles. Call us today: (310) 541-2005.

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