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We Teach Beyond Tutoring

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ADHD may cause children to feel overwhelmed and stressed, leading to disorganization, frustration, and procrastination. Learning interventions at BriteMinds help students make order from chaos.

parent support

parent support

BriteMinds consults parents about their child’s learning style, offers practical learning strategies for home, introduces creative educational games, and implements organizational strategies.

educational consultation

educational consultation

BriteMinds provides guidance for families to find the most suitable learning environment for their child, whether it is due to learning challenges, family relocation, or a diagnosed learning disability.

gifted children

gifted children

Gifted and talented children often feel bored and unstimulated without optimal learning plans. BriteMinds programs are sensitive to learning pace, depth, and complexity. We balance students’ strengths and weaknesses.

english as a second language


BriteMinds English Learners quickly become successful in their school career, make friends, and feel comfortable communicating. Our worldwide English communication program is sensitive to cultural nuances in business and academia.

Summer Tutoring Program

Learn Critical Thinking & Study Skills

BriteMinds Summer Programs are individualized activities inspiring personal growth and lifelong learning. In a comfortable and relaxing learning environment, students feel empowered by their learning experiences. Our tutors guide students in discovering solutions using step-by-step reasoning strategies. Learning this way allows students to develop study skills and critical thinking strategies. Whether your child is a high achiever, disorganized, not motivated, or wants to be more confident, BriteMinds offers individualized Summer Programs that benefit all types of children. Our passionate and dedicated instructors support students in minimizing the ‘summer slide,’ academic decline during the summer months, and advocating for students to discover the joy of learning!

Summer Tutoring Program
ADHD Coaching

ADHD Treatment – Avoid “Mind-Traps”

Having an organized space is scientifically proven to enhance productivity including homework completion. Does your child find it difficult to focus on their work and get things done on time? Often, children pile up books, gadgets, and random items that catch their interest, and rather quickly, this cluttered and disorganized environment becomes a “mind-trap” for distraction. BriteMinds ADHD treatment program helps students adaptively design and manage learning space leading to feeling good, feeling organized, and feeling in control. A comfortably organized and free-from-chaos learning space with adequate natural light has a delightful impact on the nervous system enhancing children’s ability to think, focus, and work productively At BriteMinds, instructors teach students how to be aware of “mind-traps” around them and enhance their abilities to clean any clutter or distractions around their workspace.

BriteMinds Homework in Harmony

K-12 – Organizational and Study Skills

  • Organization Strategies, Building Study Skills, and Academic Enrichment
  • Completing Homework Projects
  • Test Taking Skills & Test Performance Strategies
  • ADHD Remediation and Family Support
  • Algebra I-II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
  • English Grammar – Essays and Writing composition
  • Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension
  • Literature Analysis, Note Taking Skills, and Annotation
  • Parent Consultation (once a month included in tuition)

BriteMinds families appreciate our Homework in Harmony program because it reduces stress and helps students feel good about themselves! Online or in person, motivation increases when students feel less stressed. Productivity is guaranteed as each lesson is organized considering the student’s individual needs and strengths. As we say, ‘Getting the homework done is only the beginning!’ We provide families genuine ‘Tips & Techniques’ to have students become independent learners!

Homework Support
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Testimonials From Our Families

The teachers at BriteMinds are very friendly, charming, and always encouraging us. That’s why we study even harder. We really enjoy going to BriteMinds because we learn and also play. Our teachers always make us laugh. We learn things that help us in school. We have so much fun when we write stories.

- S.G.

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