I cannot begin to express how grateful our family is to the staff at Brite Minds.  Our son was falling behind in his studies, not from lack of trying, Brite Minds has personalized a program specifically for him and now his grades have improved immensely.  Not only has his grades improved but so has his overall self-esteem.

I highly recommend Brite Minds.

Suzanne W.

BriteMinds is a warm-hearted learning facility. Agnes, the director of this facility, is a true professional and is friendly, considerate, and always supportive to each individual.


Amazing place & people!! Héctor & Agnes have made a very special place for our community. Kids learn so much here!! The teachers are all wonderful!! A great place for all kids!

BriteMinds provides a fun & enjoyable atmosphere for kids to discover the joy of learning through individualized learning plans. This is not a franchise! – it’s the opposite of mechanical learning. It’s hands-on kind-hearted teaching and administration. It’s one of a kind – a uniquely creative place!

Samira H.

They are great!!!!
They are all very professional and kind hearted there. It’s the best place to take your kids.

Parisa H.

During my time working at BriteMinds, I have been so impressed with the dedication, persistence, and care that Dr. Regeczkey and the staff exhibit every day. They are truly invested in the students and their learning.

Dr. Regeczky uses a progressive approach by creating individual Learning Objectives for each client. The instructors really utilize these objectives to develop their plan for each lesson, and to find the most effective way to connect with the student. So much goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the students are progressing and the parents are staying updated and informed. I particularly really like the fact that after the lesson, the tutor will give the parent a brief overview of how the session was and will provide them with any highlights or pertinent information regarding their child. I think this kind of personal touch is what really sets BriteMinds apart from other learning centers. It is invaluable to have Dr. Regeczkey’s professional expertise available to first develop the foundation for the student’s learning plan and then to continue to work with the instructors towards the student’s success.

I love the calm, friendly, and welcoming environment that I’m able to work in every day. I feel very good to be a part of a business that does such important work and really makes an impact on these students and their families. I wish I could have come here back when I was a student! As someone who sees BriteMinds from the inside, I would highly recommend this center to my friends and family, and I am very proud to work here.

Annie F.

I want to post my sincere appreciation for BriteMinds for helping me to become an organized and efficient student. I started there when I was only 5 years old. BriteMinds provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my academic future.  In addition to  teaching me how to read and write, I have built great relationships with the staff there throughout my entire school career. Because of Dr. Agnes, I am who I am today- a successful registered nurse and independent woman

No matter what I needed help with, I knew the tutors at BriteMinds could help me. As I grew older and into more advanced subjects, BriteMinds staff used their extensive  experience and specific teaching techniques
to ensure I progressed. The tutors had varying memorization tips, tricks, and shortcuts that helped me to comprehend and grasp the material more effectively. I found writing on the tables was so much fun and I still use the ‘invisible spelling trick’ they taught me! Whether working with Algebra, Chemistry, or Language Arts – I always left BriteMinds feeling better equipped for my workload and further academic challenges. I could always tell that the instructors love their work and students feel appreciated without fearing repercussions for making mistakes. This kind of security and reassurance really allowed me to view learning as a positive and empowering experience and I have carried this view with me to this day. This changed my life and will help me in any academic situation.

I feel so thankful that I had Dr. Agnes BriteMinds and their staff to provide support and direction throughout my formative years as a student. If I had children, BriteMinds would be my first choice. I decided to write this review to support their success as I have been recommending them to my friends back home in Palos Verdes and the Los Angeles area.


I love seeing our children’s progress throughout the year! BriteMinds created individualized learning plans for both of our kids. They have been supplementing what they have learned at school and the test preparation has been very helpful. Watching the instructors enjoying their interactions with the children is the most rewarding experience

we have had compared to other tutors we used. The kids have been learning how to learn which is exciting as they are realizing that they are not just getting their homework done, but they are becoming more independent learners! We love BriteMinds and recommend to every caring parent to consider their services!

Maria P.

We are so happy to find BriteMinds after two other tutoring places. The individualized learning plan has been working wonderfully! The instructors always let me know what happened during the lessons and keep my kids organized. They have great communication between tutors and parents. One of our sons has ADHD and he used to be bored, but after about 7 months of enrichment at BriteMinds, he is more confident and motivated. He enjoys learning again and seeing him happy makes our entire family less stressed. Our older son receives homework support and test preparation as we can’t help him with his 8th grade Science and Algebra at home. Another reason we chose BriteMinds is because they offer free parent support. My husband and I are feeling well informed and can also learn how to better support our son at home. Based on our experience, we highly recommend BriteMinds to families dedicated to helping their children succeed!

Judy K.

After meeting the director at BriteMinds for a free consultation about a year ago, we received an individualized learning plan for our daughter in 8th grade who had serious challenges in math, reading, and writing. The director was not only very kind and professional but patiently encouraging. The staff went out of their way to accommodate our schedule. In addition to the skills-building and homework support, they incorporated study skills which immensely boosted my daughter’s confidence. She didn’t have a missing assignment since we started with BriteMinds. To our surprise, our daughter even asks for additional lessons times when stressed or prepares for tests because the instructors make up practice tests for her. I found an abundance of care and energy at BriteMinds and have the highest regard for BriteMinds academic services! As a result of their help, my daughter went from a C average in the middle of 7th grade to a final grade of an A in math. Now, she is eagerly committed to receiving support and enjoys her time at BriteMinds in 8th grade! What an accomplishment! Thank you!

Audrey B.

BriteMinds has had such an amazing and enriching effect on my daughter. Through the many years that we worked with Dr. Regeczkey and the BriteMinds team, we saw continued progress and growth in our daughter. We noticed this growth not only in her academic confidence and ability but also in her independence and overall self-esteem. My daughter worked with BriteMinds from 4th grade into her high school years. They had an instrumental effect on her approach to learning and her overall development. I can’t thank them enough for the impact they have had on our daughter and our whole family.

When we initially came to the learning center, Dr. Regeczkey was extremely thorough in her assessment and development of an individualized learning plan for her. Her extensive experience and intuitive nature with children were immediately obvious, and put my daughter at ease.  I could tell early on that this was a different kind of tutoring center. After our initial consultation, a specific learning objective was created for her – profiling her strengths, areas to improve upon, and detailed goals to accomplish. This objective was constantly edited and updated throughout the years as my daughter grew and progressed in her academic journey. They consistently made these adjustments as needed – using her response to the curriculum, her comprehension of the subject matter, and the Dr.’s professional assessment as their guide.

The open and engaging environment of the center really drew us in. The space has a light and friendly atmosphere and seemed to have access to so many educational resources. During our time there, we discovered that they have most of the textbooks used within the surrounding schools. This proved very helpful in keeping my daughter and the tutors on the same page.  The various tutoring rooms are well-equipped with the materials necessary and offer the students the privacy and comfort to focus and learn. The tutors and Dr. Regeczkey truly work as a team to provide the most effective learning plan for the student. I noticed that they really cater to the particular student’s personality and unique style of learning. The BriteMinds tutors had the capacity to adapt their approach as my daughter grew. As a team, they were prepared with the knowledge and skills to provide assistance in all subjects that my daughter encountered – all the way from 4th grade to high school. They were able to provide her with sustainable organization techniques while encouraging and enhancing her learning style. From the very beginning of our experience, I remember being so impressed with the staff and the way the center was being run.

One of the other things I really loved was the parental support provided here. During the tough times, when I felt I needed guidance as to what I could do to help my daughter achieve her goals, I felt completely comfortable seeking advice from both Dr. Regeczkey and the tutors. BriteMinds also offers seminars for parents throughout the year, focusing on various subjects to help parents help their kids. Additionally, after each session, the tutors explained what went on during the hour and gave me any necessary information on my daughter’s progress. I was so grateful to be kept in the loop like this! It made me feel like we were all working together towards my daughter’s success.

I was recommending BriteMinds to a friend the other day and realized how I could support them and help other parents by spreading the word about the great work they do. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Regeczkey and BriteMinds. My daughter and I could not recommend them highly enough!

Teresa W.

My husband and I appreciate the instructors’ friendly attitude at BriteMinds and that they are always informative. The staff has been very accommodating as they are assisting our son with his needs to become more confident in school. Since our son started BriteMinds, he gets better grades, feels more motivated, and confident. He told my husband that he is not afraid to raise his hand anymore and even reads out loud in class. We were very excited for him because in general, he is very quiet and shy. Currently, he is receiving 5th-grade level enrichment in Math and Writing. Last month, at our free parent meeting, we learned some creative ways to work with his writing at home. We highly recommend BriteMinds to other families who may have a son or daughter wanting to overcome academic challenges at school!

Jackie H.

True experts in the field and offers the professionalism and care needed! I strongly encourage their services to my friends! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Salvatore S.

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