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ADHD may cause children to feel overwhelmed and stressed, leading to disorganization, frustration, and procrastination. BriteMinds learning interventions help students make order from chaos.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each student by creating an individualized learning program that includes consistent feedback, self-reflective reviews, transitioning exercises, and time management practices. Academic goals are set according to the child’s abilities and learning history. When needed, we collaborate with other professionals to meet the student’s learning goals. Students with attentional and organizational challenges find the BriteMinds program engaging, as interacting with the instructors is fun, relaxing, and free from stress.


In addition to the academic content, BriteMinds incorporates executive functioning skills into the lesson plans. We help students function more effectively in the following areas: prioritizing, time management, sustained attention, goal-directed persistence, project planning, and more. Developing confidence and positive self-esteem greatly depends on how successfully children are able to manage these skills.

BriteMinds advocates for confident and organized children!


BriteMinds consults parents about their child’s learning style, offers practical learning strategies for home, introduces creative educational games, and implements organizational strategies.

BriteMinds supports parents by helping them understand how the child’s mind works while engaged in academic thinking. Parents are pleasantly surprised by the discovery of opportunities leading to a positive impact on their child’s academic functioning. Families appreciate our thoughtful approach especially when the benefit, such as reduced tension between parents and children, is evident. BriteMinds parents’ support focuses on the parent-child relationship, reducing stress and promoting organized thinking.

Parent Support


BriteMinds provides guidance for families to find the most suitable learning environment for their child whether the family is dealing with developmental transitions, learning challenges, family relocation, or a diagnosed learning disability.

BriteMinds utilizes decades of multidisciplinary and multicultural experiences to consult with families worldwide. We help parents and children find the most suitable learning environment and support parents in navigating IEP and 504 plans. Educational organizations consult BriteMinds to evaluate programs, educational products, and best practices integrating educational technology in the teaching-learning processes.

Educational Consultation


Gifted and talented children often feel bored and unstimulated without an optimal learning plan. BriteMinds designs programs that are sensitive to learning pace, depth, complexity, and balancing students’ strengths and weaknesses.

In BriteMinds’ unique, one-to-one instruction, children take leadership and become partners in the learning process. Developmental differences are considered while nurturing the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning potentials. BriteMinds instructors support multisensory learning and help support the child’s social-emotional development parallel to their academic growth. BriteMinds individualizes not only the learning content but the teaching methods to help children sustain curiosity and motivation while utilizing higher-level processing and thinking skills. 

Gifted Children
Gifted Children


BriteMinds integrates core academic curriculum in the English Learner’s plan so students can quickly become successful in their school career, make friends, and feel more comfortable.

English as a Foreign Language is taught worldwide, promoting speaking, listening, and pragmatic communication skills sensitive to cultural nuances.


BriteMinds teaches English as a Foreign Language worldwide. Adult and child participants use the latest technologies to have live, online meetings with BriteMinds instructors to enhance English speaking, listening, and communication skills. Writing projects and literature analysis are some of the super fun activities that more advanced students engage in. Inherent to the English language learning process, BriteMinds is sensitive to diverse cultural nuances.

Gifted Children

English Learner children (English Language Development Standards – Resources (CA Dept of Education)) find learning at BriteMinds a socially rewarding experience. The fun and exciting program utilizes strategies based on social neuroscience to make language learning a playful and meaningful process. The instruction is based on children’s naturally curious approach to life. BriteMinds integrates English Language Development Standards (ELD Standards Publication – Title III (CA Dept of Education)) into the lesson plans.

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