Tutoring near me in Palos Verdes

Tutoring near me in Palos VerdesThere comes a point in every child’s education when parents turn to tutors for help –– and there is no shame in that! After all, it’s probably been years and years since the last time you had Math Homework, and the new methods the kids are doing these days are completely different from the way we were taught. Hiring a tutor doesn’t have to remove you from your child’s learning experience. In fact, here at BriteMinds we pride ourselves in involving the parents and making them part of their child’s academic success. Let us tell you more.

Our unique approach

We place a lot of value in the relationship between child and parents. We believe our students learn best when they have strong bonds with their parents –– not to mention, we know many parents want to stay involved in their children’ studies. To that end, our Parent Support model allows students and parents to participate in fun and enjoyable learning activities at home. Our model offers strategies that nurture the child’s curiosity, provide feedback to improve the child’s motivation, and encourages parents to help their child explore and discover how their minds work through these activities.

If it all sounds like a grand time, it’s because it is! Our method relies on making learning as fun as possible for a number of reasons. Not only will it keep your child more engaged and receptive to the learning, but it will also strengthen your bond with your child.

Supporting students

Our students simply come first. All of our instructors work hard to ensure out students feel relaxed and understood, key feelings that facilitate every child’s learning. Such immersive process leads to students coming up with the most original ideas all while feeling appreciated and valued.

To us, supporting and elevating students means more than just helping them succeed academically. It means helping our students thrive as tiny human beings and instilling in them a sense of confidence and perseverance. We also aim to teach them skills that are easily transferrable to other areas of their lives. In essence, we care about out students’ holistic success.

Next steps

If you would like to hear more about our approach or are ready to start your tutoring journey, we are more than happy to help. We serve many families all around Palos Verdes as well as nearby neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area. Give us a call any time: (310) 541-2005.

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